Tuff Mens Comfortable Breathable Ankle High Work Boots Black MNE0t6iZBs

Tuff Mens Comfortable Breathable Ankle High Work Boots Black MNE0t6iZBs
  • Synthetic
  • Ankle High, Lace Up Design
  • Comfortable, Breathable Lining
  • Rubber Sole
  • Padded Insole
  • Designer Inspired
Tuff Mens Comfortable Breathable Ankle High Work Boots Black MNE0t6iZBs Tuff Mens Comfortable Breathable Ankle High Work Boots Black MNE0t6iZBs
Aisun Womens Comfy Warm Round Toe Non Slip Waterproof Zip Up Flat Snow Booties Ankle Boots Shoes Black MgV2urf
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(h) The Department of Commerce may take specific official actions (Ratings Authorizations, Directives, Letters of Understanding, Administrative Subpoenas, Demands for Information, and Inspection Authorizations) to implement or enforce the provisions of the DPAS (see 15 CFR 700.60-700.71).

(i) Contracting officers shall report promptly any violations of the DPAS in accordance with agency procedures to the Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 3876, Washington, DC 20230, Ref: DPAS; telephone: (202) 482-3634 or fax: (202) 482-5650.

(a) Contracting officers shall insert the provision at 52.211-14 , Notice of Priority Rating for National Defense, Emergency Preparedness, and Energy Program Use, in solicitations when the contract to be awarded will be a rated order.

(b) Contracting officers shall insert the clause at 52.211-15 , Defense Priority and Allocation Requirements, in contracts that are rated orders.

(a) A fixed-price supply contract may authorize Government acceptance of a variation in the quantity of items called for if the variation is caused by conditions of loading, shipping, or packing, or by allowances in manufacturing processes. Any permissible variation shall be stated as a percentage and it may be an increase, a decrease, or a combination of both; however, contracts for subsistence items may use other applicable terms of variation in quantity.

(b) There should be no standard or usual variation percentage. The overrun or underrun permitted in each contract should be based upon the normal commercial practices of a particular industry for a particular item, and the permitted percentage should be no larger than is necessary to afford a contractor reasonable protection. The permissible variation shall not exceed plus or minus 10 percent unless a different limitation is established in agency regulations. Consideration shall be given to the quantity to which the percentage variation applies. For example, when delivery will be made to multiple destinations and it is desired that the quantity variation apply to the item quantity for each destination, this requirement must be stated in the contract.

(c) Contractors are responsible for delivery of the specified quantity of items in a fixed-price contract, within allowable variations, if any. If a contractor delivers a quantity of items in excess of the contract requirements plus any allowable variation in quantity, particularly small dollar value overshipments, it results in unnecessary administrative costs to the Government in determining disposition of the excess quantity. Accordingly, the contract may include the clause at CYBLING Fashion Casual Lace Up Mid Heel Thick Sole Platform Oxford Shoes For Women Brown AjFztDb8
, Delivery of Excess Quantities, to provide that --

(1) Excess quantities of items totaling up to $250 in value may be retained without compensating the contractor; and

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October 21, 2014

Not only is Scilla Andreen the CEO and CO-Founder of Indieflix , but she is also the innovator of the Royalty Pool Minutes system, which pays filmmakers for every minute someone watches their film on the site. Showcasing films that normally only get seen at film festivals of all spectrums, Scilla is bringing a new audience to independent films and new films to film lovers.As Indieflix changes and grows with its success and demanding market, Scilla has learned a few things along the way about being a fulltime mother and a fulltime leader.

Bringing the Hollywood Treatment to Independent Films

Indieflix is known as the Netflix for independent films – that is a huge compliment. Is that what you set out to create, or has this expanded into something bigger? We set out to create a marketplace where 99% of the filmmakers (less than 1% of filmmakers find Hollywood distribution) could sell their films, and thanks to technology, we ended up with an entire ecosystem that is helping to evolve the film industry. It’s huge and super fun!

Indieflix is known as the Netflix for independent films – that is a huge compliment. Is that what you set out to create, or has this expanded into something bigger?

The film industry, just like the music industry, has had its ups and downs, due largely to illegal downloading and such. What has dealing with this matter and others like it taught you as a leader, team member and business owner?You can spend your time and resources trying to fix something that has been broken for a long time or you can put your energy into creating a new model where that threat or broken piece doesn’t have nearly the negative impact anymore. I look at those aspects of the film and music industry as indications of how people like to consume. Those actions are the highest form of communication. It’s like looking into a crystal ball.

Who in your life has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Why and how did this person impact your life? I have a lot of people but I’d like to mention a few. I’m half Chinese and I was very close to my grandmother, the matriarch, Ann Wong. She told me that everything I need, I already have. Those words have served me well, every day. I also have to mention Seth Godin who writes book after book and the world’s most-read blog. He’s one of the most inspirational people on the planet for me. He inspires me to lead on a daily basis, as do my two children, Ian and Natalie, who refer to IndieFlix as the third, “special needs” child in our family.

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